This website is where you'll be able to find chase logs, current weather information, etc. I've always been interested in storm chasing and the weather. Photography is one of my other hobbies I enjoy while storm chasing  as well and a complete portfolio showcasing my photography work can be found at

Tornado just north of Minonk, IL after just crossing I-39                11.17.2013

© WUnderground via Davis Vantage Pro 2 WeatherLink
© WUnderground via Davis Vantage Pro 2 WeatherLink
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Short term: It appears I may be traveling next week (April 23rd) as some chasing opportunites in the Great Plains has me intrigued.
Long-range: Currently scheduled chase trip (May 12th-May 26th).
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"A lightning dance" near Washburn, IL. 05.03.2012